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Grazyna Zarzecka 
was born in Wodzislaw Slaski, Poland, in 1954. She graduated in painting from the Krakow Academy of Fine Arts, and gained her diploma in the workshop of Professor Jan Szancenbach in 1981. Grazyna received the Rybnik City award for Advancing Culture and she has also twice received Creative Stipend from the Polish Ministry of Culture and Art. In 2006 she won First Prize in the Vincent Van Gogh Polish Art Competition. Grazyna expresses herself through a wide variety of media: paintings, murals, drawings and graphics. She is also interested in fostering emerging talent in her home town, and leads painting and leads painting and drawing workshops in her studio, with many of her students going on to win a variety of awards. She has exhibited internationally at over 40 galleries, both individually and as part of a wider installation, including:

-Kociol Artystyczny, Krakow, Poland

-Art Centre, Nowa Huta, Poland

-Palac Sztuki, Krakow, Poland

-City Gallery, Reutlingen, Germany

-Polish Radio Gallery, Katowice, Poland

-Gallery „Bez zwiazku”, Katowice, Poland

-Polish Society of Arts Gallery, Katowice,Poland

-Wystawa Srodowiska Katowickiego, BWA, Katowice, Poland

-Galeria „Kocioł Artystyczny”  Malarze Krakowa; Kraków, Poland

-Wystawa Poplenerowa, BWA, Gorzów Wielkopolski, Poland

-Wystawa Poplenerowa, Pyzdry, Poland

-Wystawa Poplenerowa, Pszczyna, Poland

-Galeria „Art. Nova 2”, Wystawa Poplenerowa Lanckorona, Katowice, Poland

-Galeria Polskiego Radia „Na Zywo”, Wystawa Poplenerowa Jawornik, Katowice, Poland

-Eurasburg – wystawa w Klasztorze Benedyktynów Rybniccy Malarze, Hamburg;
Artysci z Katowic w Kolonii, Bonn, Kolonia.

Currently, Grazyna is the Head of the Plastic Arts Society of Rybnik and Raciborz. She has also founded the “Inspirations of Rybnik” artistic retreat. Her paintings can be found in private and museum collections in Poland and internationally.

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